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Breastfeeding classes

Breastfeeding and Lactation of Jacksonville offers a selection of breastfeeding classes to meet your different needs.

Private breastfeeding class

This breastfeeding class is perfect for those expecting multiples, mothers on bed rest, families with special circumstances, or those who simply prefer to learn about breastfeeding in a one-to-one environment with a class time that can work around their schedule. Let us come to your home, where we can tailor our breastfeeding class to your family’s unique needs!  

Group breastfeeding class

We are happy to provide group breastfeeding classes in your home, at your office, or at one of several locations throughout the First Coast. This breastfeeding class is perfect for first time parents or those who experienced difficulty breastfeeding previous children.  We will cover the basics of what to expect after delivery, how to achieve a good latch, how to feel confident that baby is getting enough, how to establish and maintain a good milk supply, how to overcome common stumbling blocks, where and when to reach out for help, and what items you might want to add to or leave off your gift registry to help breastfeeding go as smoothly as possible!

Return to work class

Want to know what to expect for your return to work?  Will you have a family member or caregiver watching your precious baby while you’re away?  We can ease the transition, consult with you about what type of pump and milk storage system will work best for your family, discuss the best strategies of maintaining your supply, and help make sure that you and your caregiver don’t waste a drop of your “liquid gold”! This private class can take place in your or your caregiver’s home and should be held after your baby is born so that we have a full picture of your baby's needs and your family's situation.

Caregiver of breastfed baby class

How are breastfed babies best cared for when they are away from you?  This class addresses information that the baby's caregiver will need to support breastfeeding, include best practices for reheating breastmilk, breastmilk handling and storage guidelines, when and how to feed your baby, and special situations they may encounter. This will usually be a private class consisting of the baby's caregiver and parents.

The Perfect Shower Gift!

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift! A private breastfeeding class before delivery, a full postpartum, in-home lactation consultant visit, and one follow-up lactation consultant visit or weight check.  All the best in one fabulous package, we will even gift wrap it with a special handmade surprise!  



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